Beautiful Fractals No. 6- ( Animals) – Music: Mehdi – Mirage

A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry. If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern. ( ) – This channel is non-profit, non-commercial….

Ultimate Dog Tease

For the love of animals! Dogs… Love…. Food. Video by Andrew Grantham: T-SHIRTS: (all profits go to SPCA) facebook: twitter:

Stop Animal Cruelty!

This video contains pictures of some of the many endangered species. The background song is Enya – Orinoco Flow. You can also take a look on my channel to find some click links. Enjoy and please subscribe!

Public Service Announcement- Animal Cruelty (School project)

***READ*** Yup.. I made this at school using iMovie. We had to do this HUGE project on a social issue that we felt passionate about so… I chose Animal Abuse. The project was to create a public service announcement (PSA) to show people how serious the issue can be. Today after watching this in class…

I AM TIRED!! Animal Cruelty

♥♥♥OPEN FOR MORE INFO♥♥♥ ***Please be aware this video has strong content and images*** ❀What about nature's worth It's our planet's womb What about animals Turned kingdoms to dust What about elephants Have we lost their trust What about crying whales Ravaging the seas What about forest trails Burnt despite our pleas DO WE GIVE…

Animal Cruelty that was one of my sources that I used, I also used two other videos to get some of the images during the first song. I also didn't use as many images and facts as I could have in the first part, because I wanted it to fit with the song. I just think…